Australia Moves To Streamline Student Visa System

(Source: Students eyeing to study in Australia now have more reasons to rejoice. The Australian government has recently announced that by the middle of next year, international students applying…

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Student Recruitment Funnel: Focus On Prospects You Have For Better Results

(Source: The number of students pursuing international study for higher education are at an all-time for popular study countries like US, UK and Australia. Much of this growth has…

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Easyuni’s Founder Shares Insight On Common Problems Entrepreneurs Face When Starting A Business

For all the Facebooks, Instagrams, Googles and Pinterests that now take up our headlines (and headspace), the bleak fact remains that almost 9 out of 10 startups fail. To outsiders,…

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Malaysia To Roll Out iCGPA Programme

(Source:   The Higher Education Ministry of Malaysia recently announced that it is now ready to roll out its new grading system, an initiative the ministry has been working…

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Regional Rankings Still A Key Measure Of Academic Influence

(Source: Based on the latest rankings for higher education, almost one in eight of the global’s top 200 universities are from Asia, as ranked in the Times Higher Education…

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