UCAS Applications To Be Anonymous

To prevent unconscious bias against candidates from minority groups, Prime Minister David Cameron has expressed plans to remove names from university applications forms starting 2017. In response to this UCAS…

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US Graduate programs growth led by international students

Highlights Between the fall of 2013 and fall of 2014, first-time graduate enrolment in the US went up by 3.5% Over the same period, first-time enrolment for international students grew…

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US Schools Most Innovative as Asia Rises in Power

With the advent of the new era of technology over the last two decades, perhaps the most oft-cited buzzwords circling around both academia and businesses is “innovation”. However, its usage…

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New Travel Authorisation Requirement For Canada

Highlights – Canada  new Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for visitors from visa-exempt countries – All prospective international students planning to study in Canada are affected – The Electronic Travel Authorization…

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US new bill pushes colleges to be accredited to have foreign students

In recent weeks, The Chronicle of Higher Education recently reported that the US House of Representatives has passed a bill that would require all colleges and universities in the US…

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