5 things every Student Recruiter should not do

Basics of international student recruitment that we sometimes forget.

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Developing a successful recruitment strategy is key to any recruiter – and you and your agency are no exception. At times, whether it may be the smallest or largest of agencies, one can lack a certain amount of knowledge, details of which can make the world of a difference in student recruitment numbers. Ensure that you and your agency don’t make the mistakes below, and see your student recruitment numbers fly!


  1. Set unrealistic objectives

It’s not surprising to know that every recruiter’s main objective is to increase student numbers by X amount by end of the year. This is a common objective that every educational institution hopes to achieve by means of investing their budget and effort into cost-saving marketing recruitment plans that maximises return. The trend these days usually relies on digital marketing campaigns to recruit students, so it is sometimes difficult to see the objectives being accomplished unless you measure initially. Try testing the marketing first as the main objective and determining the outcome of the result as the next action to take for a much more successful campaign. Remember to set objectives that are measurable and realistic for your team to handle – this in return can give space to your expectations towards the success of your campaign.


  1. Not knowing your student market

Being up to date with Higher Education news is definitely a must in this industry. Conversion rates for students when it comes to applications get affected when it comes to new policies to immigration, such as longer processing time due to extensive visa requirements. Other than that, geopolitical challenges tend to arise in different regions so every student recruiter must be aware of these in order to start planning ahead. Read up on industry news from reliable sources, such as The Pie News and HigherEd for more information about international student recruitment news.


  1. Working alone as a department

We all know that teamwork is important, that’s why we try to stick close to our fellow student recruiters in our own department as well as other sub-agents across the globe. However, it’s also important to align your department’s objectives with other branches in your company, the likes of Sales and Marketing. It’s a must that you communicate with members from this department in order to know how to effectively reach out to your students with the right messages and information. Having a much more synchronised working approach will result in an equally effective outcome, since the information is being shared with inter-departments that might assist in an organised manner. This makes the student recruitment process increasingly efficient.


  1. Being outdated with the latest recruitment trend

There are always new ways to recruiting students that might just be as cost-saving and even more effective than what others are attempting to do. Increasing conversion rates are usually what we all aim for when it comes to running several campaigns in different regions. That’s why it’s important to understand your student market and objectives before you undergo new recruitment strategies, whether offline or online. Try looking out for successful case studies from your competitors and browse through blogs from other recruitment agencies. This will help determine the right fit for your needs as you progress in the market – always remember that you are not alone in recruiting students. There have been numerous approaches carried out over the years and it’s best that you are aware of them.


  1. Believe every successful student placement is the same as others

Successful placements of every student are important to study for future planning in order to understand the correct ways to approach and convince them in getting on board with your institution. However, we have to understand that every student is a different case because there are many factors that come into account concerning certain levels of courses. For example, high school students will mostly look for Diploma or Certificate courses due to their  entry qualifications while Degree holders have more options in deciding a wider range of courses to choose from.


The main takeaway from here concerns your expectations. In order to expect a smooth and effective recruitment process, you must learn how to manage your objectives and the outcomes of every campaign you engage in. It’s all about working with others and learning from different approaches within the industry. Straying away from these five ineffective student recruitment habits can definitely put a damper on your effort and time . At the end of the day, there is always room for improvement in student recruitment which could lead you to become a veteran recruiter, and more students under your lead for your institution. For more information about student recruitment and digital marketing, feel free to contact us at hello@easyuni.com or visit our website to check out our education portal.


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