Student Lead

Enhance your brand awareness and secure your brand position among EasyUni's community of South East Asian Students with the following products.

If you are looking for a more specialized and targeted campaign and a specific number of leads per month rather than enhanced current promotion through our featured premier listing pack- age options, we also offer pricing on a cost-per lead basis through Student Lead Generation Campaign.

Easyuni will work with your marketing team to create custom landing pages and inquiry forms that engage potential students and showcase the unique characteristics of your institutions and programs. We understand how important are these leads and we deliver each student lead to your lead management system in real-time for immediate follow-up. Each student lead is exclusive to your institution only.

Easyuni’s lead generation service is very flexible and scale to meet the goals of your institution. The campaign can target specific programs for selected countries and there will be content localisation and translation for some countries. Campaigns are run on a month-to-month basis and we can also target campaigns according to your peak season / intake period.