7 types of students that you meet in university

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 11 Nov 2017
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And yeah, that’s the moment when you had your first connection with your classmates, the ones who are gonna spend the whole semester with you in the same class. Thanks to them, your college life would never be that tedious. Let’s find out which types of students you have met in your university.

1.     Curve breaker

Their names are always in the Dean’s List, with that extremely high CGPA and A’s they have scored in their exams. You’re clueless about why they even exist or what their mother fed them as babies. If you have noticed that, there are basically two types of them: genius and super- duper hard working type. Genius type are quick learners, they can easily take in all what lecturers have taught in class; the super-duper hard working type are even more incredible, a day without doing revision is a wasted day for them.


2.    Hand Raiser

Admit it! They're brilliant but sometimes they can be annoying. Rather than asking thought provoking questions, they are so keen on asking questions that don’t make sense at all or have already been answered earlier.  By the end of the semester, you don’t even need to look around, as you already know whose voice it exactly is.


3.    Latecomer

They tend to show up only after 15 minutes the class begins, holding a Starbucks cup on their hand, and sneaks in like nobody ever noticed them. And throughout the whole semester, you will realise that these chronic latecomers have rarely been punctual to class, even though they are already in the campus before class even started.


4.     The Resurrected

You barely meet them once or twice in campus area, and whenever you do, there must be an important event happening in the university, like the final exams or presentation day for instance. It’s not surprising at all if you happen to find out the number of people attending the class is lesser than it should be due to the existence of these classmates.


5.    Party Animal

When it comes to their party time, they become extremely energetic. Every day is Friday to them as long as there are parties. And if there’s a morning class on the next day, you hardly see them turn up as they will mostly suffer from the hangover last night. But the good thing is, they can be the life of the party or a great party planner.


6.    Teacher’s pet

They are the lecturers’ favourites. You normally find them sitting in the front row, and they would never miss any chance to respond to lecturer’s questions. They tend to appear together with the lecturer before class or stay for few minutes after class, either giving feedback to the lecturer regarding the lecture for that particular day or gossiping about other stuff.


7.     Loner

Ever experienced that awkward moment when you can hardly recall the name and even the appearance of that “antisocial” guy that was in the same class with you? Loners rarely talk (some of them actually talk to themselves), and always seat at the corner of the classroom, just to avoid any form of social interaction.





Posted on 09 Oct 2017
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