8 Tips for freshmen to adapt to university campus life

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 11 Nov 2017
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Use What is There for You

Since you have paid for your university facilities fee, don’t wait, just use whatever you can use, from gym room to swimming pool, from library to cyber center.

Search for yourself a cozy study area in the library or shady area in the park to avoid the noise from the crowds.

Also, feel free to utilize the university counseling services if you encounter any personal issues or in need of professional informative support.


Be Amazed by The Maze

Be surprised by how large and spacious your university campus can possibly be.

Join any orientation activities and campus tours to get yourself familiarize with the surroundings where you are staying in for the next few years.

You can also get yourself a campus map to help you navigate to important settings such as faculty offices, classes, halls, cafeterias and toilets.

Besides, spend some time exploring the city where the campus is located, this is highly recommended.


Be a Well-Rounded Person

Do not hesitate to participate in various events and activities tailored for freshmen. Is gonna be fun, exciting and thrilling!

Being actively involved in a club, sports team or society can also help you to discover your passion and enthusiasm.

Stick to an ideal club that best fits your personality and interest once you have realized the pros and cons of the clubs you have joined.


Know Your Role

When it comes to university, do not expect your educators to ‘spoonfeed’ you with information. You are no longer a baby.

Take full responsible in your education by having a planner or calendar to keep track on assignment and project due dates.

Set realistic and challenging goals to strive for good grades in examinations because you should not be burning the midnight oil just to pass an exam paper.


Do Not Let Yourself Starve

As many college students gain considerable amount of weight during their first year, plan your meals, count the calories and prepare your own meals if possible.

Without your parents to prepare you a balanced meal, this healthy approach may prevent you from being tempted by convenient food such as tidbits, fast food and junk food.


Be A Smart, Early Bird

If you are driving to your college just to show off how wealthy is your family. Just don’t.

Choose public transportation system such as shuttle bus and train. Or better yet, cycle!

If you are driving to your campus, travel early to avoid peak hour traffic congestion.

Request and buy a parking pass from you campus as it may save your time and money.


Create A Social Network

Be polite, smile, greet and show positive attitude to anyone you meet in the university.

Establish positive connections with students in your classes because they may be your personal resources in the future.

Be patient, tolerate and compromise with your roommates in most circumstances, but confront and communicate with them if it is necessary.


You Are On Your Own

Manage yourself and practice discipline, you are an adult now.

Take responsibility for your actions, do your own laundry, make your own plans and fix your own mess.

Manage your own finance by creating a budget and keeping track of your daily expenses.

Posted on 09 Oct 2017
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