Ever Wonder Where The World's Most Powerful Women Studied?

Women make up half the world's population, yet women in positions of power are few and far between. In fact, in 2014, only 24 of all the CEOs on the Fortune 500 list are women, and there are only 14 incumbent heads of state. Every year, Forbes releases a list of women who are extraordinary icons and leaders, groundbreakers and ceiling crashers who command the world stage; The World's 100 Most Powerful Women list reminds us of the women that women in power still exist. In fact, according to Forbes, the total social media footprint of the 100 women on the 2014 list exceeds 812 million followers/fans.

Top 10 Jobs With High Safety

While some individuals like fast-paced, high-risk environments, job safety has become a priority for many graduates. Juggling high financial risk or jumping into burning buildings is not for everyone. Many people find that glitz and glamour is not enough; they like to be guaranteed financial stability and job security. If you would rather have a low-risk job, where you you are safe, not just financially but physically as well, check out what it takes to get into these professions!

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