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Engineering Institute of Technology

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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Anonymous reviewer

1 year, 3 months ago


Studied Advanced diploma level. Delivery method is flexible, instructors/lecturers are knowledgeable in their field.


Communication is woeful, worst I have ever encountered. Several weeks in many cases if you're lucky enough to receive a response at all (Some of the lectures are pretty good though). Time taken to receive feedback on submitted work is extremely unsatisfactory, often in excess of 2-3 months. Longest I encountered was 5 months. A lot of the reading material given was straight from Google and/or Youtube. While I appreciate not needing to purchase additional reading resources. It does not give a professional vibe when most of the learning material is straight off a search engine. Especially given the large engineering library on Knovel we are given when we signed up. Other reading material was simply photo copied chapters from Uni text books with the edges cut off. Again, doesn't give the "World class" vibe they advertise.

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