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Duke Kunshan University

Kunshan, Jiangsu, China

Educating students who will define and create tomorrow's jobs

18 Dec 2017

New technologies such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing are changing the economic landscape, innovation is developing at an accelerated pace, and globalization continues to lower the hurdles to greater intergration and collaboration. Yet, how much have our education models changed in response to these broader developments?

Face with an opportunity to make a fundamental statement about the future of higeher education, Duke University, in collaboration with Wuhan Unviersity and the city of Kunshan in China decided to join forces to form a new education joint venture that promises to alter the higher education landscape in China. Committed to offering an advanced highly interdisciplinary, integrated liberal arts curriculum, Duke Kunshan University (DKU) will launch its new undergraduate degree program in January 2018.

Preparing global citizens

The goal is to take the best from East and West in an effort to prepare the next genration of global citizens who are willing and capable of taking on the most pressing national and international challenges of the 21st century. Our aspiration is toeducate students who will define and create the news jobs of the future rahter than simply taking the jobs that currently exist.

To accomplish these goals, we commissioned a dedicated group of 15-15 seasoned faculty members who spent over 2.5 years researching and analysing trends and developments regarding liberal arts education on a worldwide level, including reviewing efforts to bring liberal arts type education into China's higher education system. The effort resulted in the creation of a highly innovative, modular undergraduate curriculum that provides students with multiple pathways for self-discovery and personal development.


What do you think - and why?"

Classes will be conducted in four 7-week modules -- a response to the compressed learning style of millennials. Students will enter an education environment that is "high touch" in terms of the studen-faculty ration and is driven by a very simple but provocative question: "what do you think and why?"

Students will be ables to cultivate and hone their critical thinking skills while gaining invaluable experience and insight into the world's two largest economies, allowing for a more global mindset.

The hallmakr features of the new curriculum are reflected in several of the core philosophical underpinnings that drive the student learning experience. Simply stated, this is the idea that all students must increase their level of globabl understanding and awareness, and yet at the same time develop significant appreciation for their national or local cultural roots and history.

Graduates for a globalized world

Irrespective of their choice of major, graduates will possess a deep sense of their place in the world and the responsibilities they carry with them foor leading a purposeful life. Our objectivies is to produce graduates who possess the necessary skills and knowledge to live and work effectively and ethically in a highly globalized world.

Commen by DR DENIS SIMON, Executive Vice Chancellor of Duke Kunshan University

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