Master in Nursing

National Cheng Kung University
Tainan City, Taiwan (ROC)
Master's Degree
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February September
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Entry Requirements

Applicants should possess a Bachelor’s degree diploma (or above).


  • Nursing Research - This course is designed to provide knowledge using the exploration of research related theories and methodologies appropriate to nursing. Importance are given on problem creation, synthesis of the literature and conceptual framework, level of measurement, reliability, validity, research dseigns, data analysis and critique of research studies.  
  • Bio and Medical Ethics - This course helps students to understand the major bio-ethical principles and to explore the effects of ethical training on clinical judgements. 
  • Essential Concepts in Advanced Nursing - This course is made to develop students' professional competencies so that they could improve their nursing care quality.
  • Advanced Adult Health Nursing - This course gives focus to both geriatric and hospice care. It is also taught using a family-centered approached.
  • Advanced Nursing Practicum I - This is the part I course of the Advanced Nursing Practicum in the master's program. Students will develop their personal nursing specialty with this course.
  • Advanced Nursing Practicum II - This is the part II course of the Advanced Nursing Practicum in the master's program.
  • Advanced Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing - This course aims to help students to establish a spirit of humanism. Related ethical issues will also be discussed here. 
  • Advanced Mental - Child Nursing Practicum - This course aims to enhance the quality of clinical practices as well as to expand the role and meaning of staffs in family-centered maternal-child nursing. This course will be taught in the forms of lectures, seminars, presentations and reports. The content of this course gives focus on family assessment, problem solving, clinical reasoning and professional communication. 
  • Advanced Community Health Nursing - This course will guide students into the perspective of worldview, globalization and the social epidemiology, explored the chances of Taiwan's public health history on policy, institutional, health & disease as well as nursing related issues. Students will also get the chance to explore the health characteristics of weak populations and their dilemmas, and comments on the impacts of government policy on community development and health. 
  • Health Care Informatics - This course provides students with an overview regarding information technology in health care and nursing. It explores the application of information in clinical care, long-distance care, data management and nursing education.
  • Culturally Competent Care - The aim of this course is to improve students' understanding toward multi-cultural health care environment. Hence, students will be able to have the basic concepts of cross-cultural health care in the clinical practice. 
  • Professional Issues in Trans-Cultural Nursing - This course explores the influences of cultural beliefs and values on health seeking behaviors. Students will be able to understand the differences, preferences, biases and stereotypes in order to foster the development of awareness, sensitivity, knowledge and competence required to provide affirmation of the diversity they wil encounter in health care institutions and practice situations. 
  • Critique on Nursing Literature II - This course is designed for graduate students to synthesize strategies for critical evaluation of research in the practice of nursing. 

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