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Welch College

United States

Student review

Anonymous reviewer

2 months, 4 weeks ago


Their educational system was adequate and the teacher to student ratio was good. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Their teaching system was good, but their grading system was stricter than average, which effected GPA (Example: To get an A grading, you needed 93.) There are cameras everywhere and the curfew is 11:30 pm. It's a helicopter parent's dream place. There were some slavery apologists and very misogynists ideas taught on campus within the teacher and student circles. I'm 75% sure my Western Civ professor was a nationalist. Oh yeah, and they publicly kicked out a student last year just for being transgender. Yikes. Go here if you want to marry before the age of 22 and love saying the words "Love the sinner, not the sin" to make yourself feel better.

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